The Trainer

Gavin has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years. His overall passion for fitness and the broad experience in the field has helped Gavin become a highly dynamic, creative, and extremely energetic trainer, that offers tough, effective workouts with fun and innovative training routines.
During his career he has focused mostly on the outdoor element of fitness coaching and the benefits that has on personal fitness levels and the psychological aspect of fitness training and health.

Street Gym

Street Gym UK was designed to deliver fitness conditioning and replicate obstacle racing. This was used to train clients for events such as Tough Guy, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and the Mens Health Fitness Challenge (there is more). 
In training for such events, you need to be working in an environment that replicates that of the race itself, going for a run once a week won't cut it. So in order to minimize risk of injury, maximize the potential to complete the event, and of course have fun during the event. You need to prepare the body for climbing, crawling, weaving, jumping, running up and down steps, hills and muddy tracks and most of all you need to be fit enough to combat all these in one event and come out a winner. 
Street Gym UK is exactly that an obstacle course in the City that replicates all the movements discussed and targets all the systems in the body to condition you for the toughest of tough events.