Basic Fundamentals of Fitness Training.

the wall smlYour bodyweight as a fitness tool is more dynamic and effective than any tool on the market today. Averaging from 60 - 100kg (depending) this amazing tool of strength and agility could be the only thing you ever need to get fit/strong in your whole life. The weight of your body is sufficient to train you in mobility, endurance, hypertrophy and strength with no need for any added weight at all. Below you will see the very basics of fitness movements (with one hundred plus variations) that I teach as a base to spring from.

These exercises and their variations switch on all the muscles needed to progress and assist in the steps towards achieving most fitness goals.


  • v   The Squat
  • The Squat Thrust
  • The Press Up
  • The Pull Up
  • Plyometrics
  • v Compound Movements